HGA 40 day turnaround submission - Limit 15 per person

HGA 40 day turnaround submission - Limit 15 per person

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40 Day Turnaround HGA submission

Get your cards graded by one of the hottest new grading companies!

Grading submission forms available in the Cards Plus group www.facebook.com/groups/cardsplus/files 

Grading Submission instructions


  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that your cards arrive safely to us. Please package well and it’s advisable to send tracked. Alternatively you are welcome to drop cards into us at the Cards Plus store
  2. Please fill in the submission form in full, so there are no delays. These are in writable PDF to make things easier. Please send a copy with the cards and also email us a copy to cardsplus19@gmail.com
  3. Please fill in a separate form for each grading company and timeframe. E.g. A separate form for TGA 20 day, HGA 15 days and HGA 40 days.
  4. Package your cards appropriately - In a sleeve and a clean Top-Loader or Card Saver. It’s advisable to check your cards for any dust, dirt etc and carefully remove this. It’s also advisable to check for any dimples, scratches, corner or edge wear as any of these will seriously affect the grade.
  5. All our prices include shipping and insurance from us to the grader and back to us. Shipping back to you is additional, if purchasing grading services through the website shipping will be calculated at checkout.
  6. Please note that the turnaround times are business days once the grader has received the cards. This does not include the time from us to the grader and the return back to us.